The Keppe Motor represents a giant step towards solving the energy and pollution crisis. Based on Dr. Norberto Keppe’s landmark book, The New Physics, the Keppe Motor is a highly efficient electric motor that greatly reduces the consumption of electricity by capturing Essential Energy from space just like solar panels capture energy from the sun.  Keppe’s New Physics also proposes an ambitious re-directioning of man’s technological philosophy.


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  1. David Brady Says:

    What is so amazing about the Keppe Motor is that the very same principles that led to its discovery were grounded in Keppe’s observing the same principles in operation in our personal, social and economic life.

    We all are immersed in the Life Energy that the Keppe Motor uses. We resonate with this Life Energy as we act in ethical ways that support truth, goodness, and beauty in our life and the lives of others. This type of action needs to be intentionally engaged in until it becomes part of our Character. The virtues can and must be cultivated for our own sake as well as for others in our life.

    These principles are universal for all people and all of nature because the universe comes from One Source. This means we can realize these principles for ourselves by becoming more conscious of what results from our actions and the actions of others. For from that One Source comes intelligence, energy, purpose, and form (matter).

    Our job as human beings is to become more conscious of the way we interfere with our birthright of innate health, wisdom, common sense, and basic humanity (essence). Our essence is to be of service to others by acting in ways that are good, truthful, and aesthetic.

    We can be of service in our professions in the fields of economics, goverance, ecology, psychology, sociology, geology, physics, biology, etc. by practicing using these principles in our personal and professional life. All human disciplines have the same underlying principles. These principles can be discerned and used to develop a true civilization based on an ethics that supports truth, good, and beauty for the many — not just an elite few at the expense of everyone else.

    I would like to thank Richard Jones for putting up this blog. I regulary visit Thinking With Somebody Else’s Head and have benefitted each vist. I will do the same with the Keppe Motor blog and have already shared its existence with friends.

    David Brady

  2. steele braden Says:

    IF the Keppe Motor is as efficient as is stated, this implies over-unity.
    So surely, a generator could be connected to it and the generators output fed to the Keppe Motor thus making the system self-sustaining whlie providing surplus power for other uses.
    If this has not been done, why not?

    • Rich Jones Says:

      The Keppe Motor is mechanically overunity, but not electrically. To have a self-running motor, it would need to be connected to an overunity generator as well, i.e. something without back torque. This is one of the things we on the Keppe Motor technical team will be working to develop.

  3. Darren Says:

    Great info!

    I would really like to see the connection between the Keppe group and Dan Winter of http://www.FractalField.com be made. The aquaponics system at your hotel is a perfect opportunity to apply Dan’s magnetic technology via http://www.theImploder.com . Dan already is well connected to many South American people as well as Australian permaculture experts, so a cross pollination of ideas could occur between continental intelligences. Dan is also involved with the http://www.BloomtheDesert.com people.

    Coming back to magnetism the root of the words magic and imagination I would like to see a celestial connection in the Keppe group’s efforts as magnetism originates in the galactic center vortex. The geometry of the trinity can be explored in two opposing vortexes meeting. In mathematics this phenomenon is called harmonic differentials and is resolved through the use of fractal algorhithms. Your piano teacher Gilbert would find useful info from Richard Merrick at http://www.interferencetheory.com and by Googling James Furia.

    Thank you for all your inspiring work!

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