The New Physics and the Double Slit Experiment

We received a cool note and question from Daniel Hermann, a young high school student in Canada who’s been following the Keppe Motor and New Physics discussions with great interest on our Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head blog. It’s an interesting dilemma to approach through Keppean physics. Hope you enjoy the dialogue:

“I’ve noticed you guys are very much open to people’s questions, so I have one that has come up through my high school physics class. In my class we are talking about the double-slit experiment, how in the experiment light acts as a wave when going through a double slit, and yet when a measuring device is used to observe the experiment, the light for whatever reason acts as a wave.

This very much confused me, as it leads to some of the cooky ideas that stem from “What the bleep do we know?”, that we can create our own reality and so forth.

Anyways I was wondering if Keppe’s The New Physics answers this problem, and if he does, how does he answer it?”

Great question, Daniel. And here’s Cesar Soós’ answer:

“Dear Daniel,

What I’ll try to explain below is my personal point of view based upon what I’ve learned with Dr. Keppe about his new physics. In fact I’ve never talked with him specifically about this subject.

The basic problem in physics is more philosophical than scientific. Traditional physics does not account for an organized force (God, so to speak) that continuously builds and maintains the universe in harmony. Because of that physicists come up with all sorts of fantastic theomanic ideas that serve mostly to enthrone them as “gods” and keep others out of the way rather than to understand reality as it is.

In this regard, typical ideas and theories like the Big-Bang theory, chaos theory, the wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, probability waves, parallel universes, superstrings, antimatter, the EPR paradox, dark matter, dark energy, etc, etc, and etc are abundant in physics.

What stems out of these theories and ideas is always the wish to hide this superior invisible and organized/organizing force that religion names God (please, no fanaticism or religious connotation intended) out of the psychopathology of the scientists, specially envy towards the Creator (this is Theomania in Keppe’s language). As a consequence of this pathology, the only way to explain all this material we see in the world around us (particles and radiation) is by saying it comes from explosions of hyper-dense matter, virtual particles inhabiting vacuum, antimatter, probability and so forth. This simply complicates things a lot.

That’s the reason why films like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know” are so popular – they nourish the same unconscious psychopathology of the scientists which every single man and woman on this planet also has, and that’s the wish to create their own reality. This is a common unconscious pathology shared by all humankind that needs urgently to be conscientized before we completely destroy ourselves.

Well, coming back to physics, the basic idea behind Dr. Keppe’s New Physics is that all measurable phenomena are consequence of a previous invisible and intangible force that he calls Essential Energy, and this EE is the organized/organizing (i.e., anti-entropic) force of nature, full of esthetic energy forms (immaterial resonances) that may or may not become material resonances, too. What determines if it will be matter or not is its own natural internal vibration. That’s why we never find atoms with half protons and here quantum physics agrees with Keppe’s physics.
In Keppe’s physics, purely physical phenomena usually have their twin in another sector (psychology or biology) and in this last case we see that animals are also resonances of the same EE so that we never find animals in between one and the other. We can breed say a lion with a tiger but their offspring will be sterile. This means that the offspring is not a natural vibration resonance of the EE and nature does not “allow” it to continue.

Let’s speak now about the double-slit experiment.

It is logical to assume that matter as we see it has its form derived from this energy (EE), being also sustained in time and space by it. First of all, electrons are not supposed to be outside their atoms and in this experiment they are taken out of their natural habitat: the atom. When they are free, they become extremely unstable and need anything to get balance and become stable matter again. This is very similar to free radicals (unstable molecules) in our body.
When an electron is orbiting around an atomic nucleus it can be considered solid because it is stable in the atom giving the sense of tangibility to matter, i.e., the energy of the nucleus keeps it stable with two equivalent forces. Remember, in Keppe’s physics, the essential energy always acts in double.

When the electron is outside the atom (free) it is just an unstable vortex through which scalar energy flows trying to balance it. This is similar to a hurricane, through which the essential energy flows in the form of electric discharge and “anti-gravity” forces to re-equilibrate the energy. Whenever you find a vortex alone like a hurricane, this is the essential energy acting to restore equilibrium. You may note that before the storm you feel instability, during the storm we have a “violent” action of nature to balance the system (similar to the immune system attacking anti-bodies in the sick organism) and after the storm you find peace and harmony, i.e., stabilized weather.

When the electron is free, the center of the vortex is sensed as a solid particle, but its spin disturbs the surrounding “fluid” of essential energy that is on the brink of becoming sensitive radiation but hasn’t yet.

In the famous quantum mechanics double-slit experiment, free electrons are shot against a double slit and display a wave-like pattern because the rotating immaterial fluid around one electron (vortex) interferes with the rotating fluid of the neighbor electron (vortex). The result: wave-like pattern interference.

When the same free electrons are shot against the double slit one at the time, the wave-like pattern persists because even though the first electron (vortex) hits the screen as a solid particle, the rotating fluid brought by it continues to rotate in the surroundings even after the hit (the fact that the electron hits the screen does not mean the vortex was stabilized) and interferes with the rotating fluid brought by the next electron that hits the screen also like a particle but this time the rotating fluids of the first and second electron interact and become tangible radiation (similar to light) displaying the wave-like pattern.

Next, when you try to observe the electrons through the double slit, they surprisingly become particles again and the wave pattern disappears. This is because in order to observe the unstable electrons (vortexes desperate for energetic equilibrium) you have to emit photons towards them that don’t have charge but have magnetic and electric fields, in other words, energy. The photons’ energy interacts with the electrons (which are unstable vortexes when they are free) and stabilizes them as if they were inside their own atom, displaying particle-like arrangement in the screen.
In this sense, when quantum physics says that the observer collapses the wave of probability into particles of matter simply by observing the phenomenon this is no more than an interference using energy of the photons in the phenomenon that stabilizes the tiny vortexes of Essential Energy flowing through to reach material resonances in time and space. This interaction ceases the influence of the rotating fluid of EE which stays in the immaterial realm because matter is now stabilized.

The moment you stop “looking at the electrons”, you stop sending them light (energy) and because they are outside their atoms they come back to instability and cause the rotating fluid to be sensed again.

Hope not to have confused you even more, Daniel.”

Now … anybody else got some comments?


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