The New Physics Excerpt now Online

The excerpt from the ABCs of the New Physics, which is a workbook to explain Keppe’s new physics concepts and make them understandable, has been very well received. A number of people have checked it out on our Scribd posting, and it’s been favorited a couple of times. I know that the more people become aware of the outstanding science behind the Keppe Motor, Keppe’s New Physics will also be in high demand.

Thought I’d post a short excerpt to get you started.  If you like it, check out the full book offer here. Remarkable stuff.

Next up, we’re working on the video in English for an over-unity Keppe Motor. How cool is that?! Should be up this week on YouTube. If you can understand Portuguese, check out the Portuguese version now.

By the way, the calculations Cesar Soos and Roberto Frascari accomplished in this video presentation have been confirmed independently by a very reliable source in the U.S. Can’t reveal this source yet, but we hope to have more about that as we progress in this process.


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