Keppe Motor – Essential Energy Converter

It’s here! The developments just keep coming with the Keppe Motor.

And don’t forget to read the previous post about excerpts from Norberto Keppe’s New Physics. That’s the science behind this whole thing. And the essence of it is that energy DOES NOT come from material, but from the so-called vacuum of space. The Keppe Motor captures this essential energy from space. This means we can really address the voracious attitude in we human beings that thinks we need to consume material to get energy.

It ain’t so, and Keppe’s New Physics explores what is so. Very compelling reading, and a very beautiful invention coming out of these revolutionary scientific ideas.


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7 Responses to “Keppe Motor – Essential Energy Converter”

  1. Andre Says:

    P = V * I is valid only for DC circuits. You cannot obtain the power consumed using this equation.
    To calculate the real electric power, you have to take into account the nonlinear elements in the circuitry used in this motor.

    • Rich Jones Says:

      Just to clarify … the Keppe Motor team actually used a number of different measurements methods: 1) batteries, 2) 1GHz multiplier-integrator Fluke scope, 3) battery + inverter + motor (this system isolates the transients so as to provide clean measurement and all types of multi-meters, both analog and digital). This clarifies that the measurements are correct.

      As well, the Keppe Motor team’s method of measuring torque is also one of the best available. It is the same one used by industry and it cancels out the forces of attrition.

      The team has also achieved overunity with various other motors under different load levels. Keppe Motor works will also be posting more videos soon to show this.

      Just wanted to also add that this motor development process is extremely dynamic and changeable. Our desire at the STOP the Destruction of the World Association is to continue to provide information for the world about new developments as accurately and immediately as possible. Stay tuned for new discoveries and clarifications. They come rapidly, and we’ll always keep you updated as much as possible.

  2. Andre Says:

    No, they are not correct. This circuit generate pulses that have a large magnitude than the voltage/current measured by a simple voltmeter / amperimeter. You have to put an oscilloscope to accurately see the pulses. Even with an oscilloscope, the measurement setup to actually measure the power is not trivial.

  3. zap Says:

    Provided the energy of vacuum (EV) exists and that there is the ability of the Keppe motor(KM) tap into it. When KM is loaded it’s using EV that to eventually convert it into some form of conventional energy (physical work,heat…) hence using up equivalent amount of EV, how is the EV being replenished since there is no known mechanism of converting other energies into EV?
    I mean theoretically if the limited amount of EV (even thou it perhaps constitutes 99% of all the matter in our universe ) is being converted into the conventional energies (such as heat…) it can be theoretically depleted… or not?.. or what ? Please enlighten me.

    • Rich Jones Says:

      Hey Zap,
      As I understand it, the essential energy never needs replenishing. It’s constantly being created and maintains everything in the Universe. I think the difficulty in understanding this comes down to the inverted way of thinking that all energy comes from material, and if we use up the material we’re out of energy. This is the old, Einsteinian way of thinking. Keppe and the Keppe Motor are changing all that. Energy does NOT come from the material; the material (and the secondary electro-magnetic energy) come from the prior essential energy field, which is limitless and infinite.
      Hope that clears it up a little. I admit, it’s a stretch for our minds, conditioned as we are to the old way of thinking. This is why Keppe’s New Physics is such a revolution in science.

  4. chas mckay Says:

    the whole world waits for that day when we pay only a small fee for energy or no fee once weve choosen the unit.Im not a sciencetis but Ido agree that energy is limitless,Tesla n friends,remember,Ido always,Ilook in the future to NO war,bless.

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