Keppe’s New Physics Sets Science on the Right Track

Norberto Keppe’s astounding book, The New Physics, contains all the theory behind the Keppe Motor. That makes it worth studying. And studying. And studying.

It’s not a simple read because it disinverts all our previous scientific thinking. No small feat. But this vital book comes along just at the right time science is at a crossroads. Too many theories, too much questionable thinking. And all of it led 1979 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Steven Weinberg, to assert that unifying all the disparate theories “would require the emergence of radically new ideas.”

Keppe’s book provides those radical new ideas. And it’s available by download. As an introduction, I thought I would post an excerpt from the companion study guide, The ABCs of the New Physics. You can cut your teeth on that, and move up to the full books when you’re ready.

Enjoy, and comment. Always good to hear from you.


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