The Keppe Motor Club – Join the Discussion

If you have questions, ideas to toss into the discussion, new suggestions for developing this innovative technology, this is the place to do it.

We’ve just opened the Keppe Motor Club discussion forum, and we’re interested in anything productive you have to contribute to the conversation.

We’re also looking to provide a place for those of you who are building your own Keppe Motors to have some place to come to trade ideas and experiences.

The Keppe Motor is a significant contributor to helping solve the pressing energetic and environmental crises looming on the horizon because it’s cheap, super efficient, easy on the environment, and is showing signs that it may even have many residual health benefits because of its process of capturing essential energy from space, which makes it more in tune with the human organism.

Want to talk about it? Share your ideas and suggestions? Join us online.


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6 Responses to “The Keppe Motor Club – Join the Discussion”

  1. siddiq Says:

    let’s make the club on success

  2. Greg East Says:

    What happened to the forum?

  3. Henry De berry Says:

    This is a great site,for the improvement of the entire planet.

  4. oscar whitehead Says:

    i built a keppe out of curisity and it was not difficuilt. i built the optial switching with a power mosfet and a photo transistor. it made the 120 degree switching easy and that timing makes a big difference in run current and rpm. i ran different different magnets to compare the effect. n42 magnets gave 3000 rpm but with 110 ma and low torque, while n52 gave less rpm 2200 but with good torque and with 25ma draw from the battery. i believe a magent combination could bring run current down to 10 ma or less. the motor has back emf and i do not see a way to remove it which could be the problem with it.

  5. oscar whitehead Says:

    has anybody tryed to build a axial-flux generator for the keppe motor. i believe it could power this type of generator. i built an axial generator for a bedini fan and it did good, i got 200 ma at 15 volts. the load is the only drag on the rotor and by using 10 coils in series the voltage comes up at low rpm. the 15 volts was with a 200 ma 12v bulb and at 478 rpm. the bedini was using 300 ma at 12.5 volts.

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