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Difference between Keppe Motor and Bedini

November 20, 2008

Lot of questions about this, and so we wanted to just clear it up for you here.

Right off the bat, let’s be clear that the Bedini Motor is a great invention, and our hats go off to John Bedini for his excellent work, and for making the technology so accessible. There are some distinct differences, though, and so let’s clear that up once and for all.

First, the Bedini Motor works mostly as a generator; the Keppe Motor is a motor. What we mean by this is a device that transforms electrical energy (watts) into mechanical energy (torque or “force” and rotation). Although Bedini has a rotor with magnets, it is used mostly to generate pulses in order to charge batteries. In other words, Bedini does not extract mechanical energy from the system, which means it does not produce torque so it cannot efficiently power the blades of a fan, for example. The Keppe Motor can drive a fan, and very efficiently – using up to 90% less energy than a common electrical motor.

Our system generate some electrical energy to charge a battery or a capacitor as the Bedini Motor does, which shows that there is extra energy in the system that is not being used. We are working now to develop motors that do use all this energy, and hope to have prototypes to do this in the very near future.

Second, the Bedini Motor is a mono-polar machine (meaning it uses only one pole of the magnet, north OR south), while the Keppe Motor is a bi-polar machine (meaning we use both poles, north AND south).

Hope that clears things up a little. There’s more to come, including some very exciting news hopefully in the next week or so. Keep checking in, or better yet, set your Google alerts to Keppe Motor to keep up with all the latest.