Interview with Co-Inventor, Cesar Soos

One great way to understand this new Keppe Motor is to get an idea of the philosophy behind it. Norberto Keppe has done a remarkable thing with his New Physics, including jumping light years beyond the Newtonian-Einsteinian bases of Physics with new proposals that change completely how we will power our worlds in the future.

This is no small feat. What Keppe is proposing is nothing less than a total and ambitious re-directioning of the technological philosophy of the planet.

Here’s a short excerpt from a longer (and fascinating) interview with Cesar (the whole podcast interview is available here) that lays out some of the foundations of Keppe’s extraordinary New Physics:

RICHARD LLOYD JONES: Well, first let’s deal with the energetic issue, Cesar, what we’ve thought for thousands of years is that energy comes from the matter, but Dr. Keppe is correcting this.  It doesn’t.  How can we understand this essential inversion in physics.

CESAR: Well, we can see very clear this inversion, when we think in practical terms whenever you want energy, no matter in what form, for example, heat, electricity, or power, mechanical power you think of a material element to give it to you.  For example, if want to have fire in a fireplace, you think of timber, if you want your stove to work you think of gas, heater, to have a bath, you think on gas too, in a combustible, which is liquid, combustible for cars, always we are trying to extract energy from a material element. This is already in our thinking structure, we only think about that.

RICHARD: This process then of taking energy from the matter is an inverted idea according to Norberto Keppe, and we are going to talk about this more in this podcast but, this creates very voracious type of consumption in us nature in us doesn’t it, we want to always take, take, take, so we have to look for more sources of wood, more source of oil, more sources of natural gas, more source of matter from which to derive this energy. This is a psychological thing, isn’t it?

CESAR: This is a psychological thing because Dr. Keppe points out very nicely when he says that we prefer to have things instead of being ourselves.  So the concept of being rich, today, is to have things and not to be yourself, so, because of this thought, we think that the more things I have, the more things I accumulate, I will be richer, and then I forget that all my richness is inside of me, my richness is found in my talents put into practice, this is my richness, not only the material things I have.  Of course, a person who uses his talents well, he will also have material goods, but the other way around, this is not necessarily true.

RICHARD: One of the things that people have really reacted to from our podcasts in the past, Cesar, the ones we’ve done, is this idea that energy comes from another source other than from the material.  Traditional people who are schooled in traditional science have a very difficult time understanding what we are talking about there.  But, I wanted to talk about it again, in hopes of clarifying it more, but also to use this new motor that you and Dr. Keppe have discovered and invented because this is a proof of what you have been talking about in these podcasts and what Norberto Keppe has been talking about all of his life, but especially since the 1990’s. This motor you are developing takes energy from the outside, not from matter.  What is the principle of this, how is it working, what are you discovering here?

CESAR: This is very interesting because physics, for example, tends to believe that electricity is a form of energy.  So, for you to have power in a machine, you must have electricity flowing through the coils of the machine, if the machine is electo-magnetic, for sure. You must have electricity running through the coils to give power, mechanical power.  We developed a way to have mechanical power without the flow of electricity, or, I mean, very little electricity.  You work only with potentials and then we show that potentials are energy, itself, is energy itself.  We do not need, necessarily, to have a flow of current to have mechanical power.  And this for physics is not well understood because they see invertedly.  They believe electricity comes from matter.  For example, a battery, a battery has a potential, 12 volts, let’s say, it has a potential to give electricity, to give a certain amount of electricity.  When I put a resistance between this potential then I will have a flow of current and this flow is considered energy.  But, what we have done in our laboratory that we were able to link up lamps with the same power without this same flow of energy, because we are working with potentials alone without flow of current.

RICHARD: As I understand it, this motors works, the battery is what stimulates or starts the motor to operate, but then as the motor is in operation, it begins to capture energy from this essential energy field or scalar energy as Tesla called it.     

CESAR: Yes, exactly.  People in physics, we tend to believe that electricity comes from the battery. What we are showing is that electricity is a loss of energy, not energy. 

RICHARD: Electricity is entropic is, because, why?  Because of this resistance you talked about before?

CESAR: No. electricity is entropic because it drains the battery.  Whenever you have electricity, you need to have a resistance, and when you put the resistance, a resistor in electronics, or electricity, you drain the battery. If you have, for example, a 12 volt battery, if you want electricity to flow you need to put the resistance between one pole and the other.  When you put this resistance, then, electricity starts to flow.  But, as the electricity flows, the battery is drained.

RICHARD: This doesn’t happen with your motor?

CESAR: With our motor, it is different.  We, of course we use electricity, a minimum amount because we couldn’t manage to completely stop with it.  But, what we do is to have an enormous output of mechanical power with very, very, very little amount of electricity and we do not kill the batteries.

RICHARD: I should just mention that there is a description of this motor on our Stop The Destruction of the World website, and also on our Keppe Motor site. 

Well, there it is. Much more to come. Stay in touch.


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