The Keppe Motor enters the blogosphere.

We got a ton of coverage from our successful press launches in L.A. and San Diego. Here’s our press release about it:

New Motor Takes a Giant Step towards Solving Energy, Pollution Crisis
Brazilian scientists have announced the development of a breakthrough new motor that they hope will soon power everything from cars to industrial equipment. Just like solar panels capture energy from the sun, the Keppe motor captures essential or scalar energy from the so-called “vacuum” of space – which it turns out is no vacuum at all.
Actually, all motors do this, but the prevailing scientific theory doesn’t recognize it. Technology today is still locked into trying to get energy from material and this outmoded process actually blocks the capturing of the free energy found in space. As a result, motors today are much less efficient than they should be.
As non-renewable energy sources dwindle fast, massive environmental damage and global warming continue unchecked and electrical bills and oil prices skyrocket, the revolutionary — and completely green — Keppe Motor ushers in a new era of sustainable, clean and inexpensive technology.

And the press coverage was huge. Reuters, Yahoo News, Fox News … we hit a lot of the big stuff. And we’ve gone from almost no web impressions in Google to over 19,000.

Now we’re back in Brazil and developing new motors for numerous applications. This is our blog designed to keep you posted on all the exciting developments of this motor that offers us a real hope of solving our energy and pollution crisis. Check back often. And Stay in touch


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One Response to “The Keppe Motor enters the blogosphere.”

  1. kelly Maurice Says:

    Great to see this up and running TODAY!

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